Great Ideas are Born into a Family of Crazies

Ever feel like you are the only normal one in your family? Ideas are a lot like families. They come in all shapes and sizes.

the Crazy Uncle ideas

These are the ideas you hope only come around once a year. They might be amusing, but after the laughter is over, you are just left wondering.

the Big Brother ideas

These ideas are the ones that only want to play by the rules. You know, the ones that have no imagination, no creativity. They are practical and straight forward.

the My Parents ideas

These ideas are always looking back to the good ol’ days. They are always trying to recreate what has already been, rather than seeing what is ahead. These ideas are the ones spent looking into the rear view mirror.

the Kid’s Table ideas

These are the ideas you move to the other room to get away from, but miss once they are gone. They are the rowdy, never finished ideas. These are messy and sticky and tend to end up all over the place.

the Family Photo idea

These are the ideas we long for. They are where messy and sticky collide with practical and safe. They are where history and future intersect. They even have a little crazy mixed in.

The reality is, we need all types of ideas. Rarely are great ideas individual portraits. Great ideas are born into a family of crazies.