The story. 

Our founder's middle name is Eugene. His grandfather's name is Eugene. Lifelong friends call him Eugene. So, when he stared the company, it only made sense to name it Eugene's.

Leader. Husband. Father. Coach. Friend. 

Since 2004, Adam has worked in and around the church, serving on church staffs, partnering with churches to raise capital to fund their mission, and helping the church pursue excellence in communication.

In addition to serving the church, Adam knows what it takes to run a small business. He understands the advantages and challenges that come with a small team and how important it is to get your story out there.

Adam loves the outdoors. Backpacking, fly fishing, snowboarding, skydiving… you name it, he's tried it. The way he sees it, a few days on the trail can fix about anything.

As a husband and father of 4, much of his free time is filled with wrestling matches on the floor, reading with his kids (thank you iPad), and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors making memories with his family.

Some apps he couldn't live without. Audible. Overcast. MLB.